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Brandy & Fiancée Ryan Press breakup: Call off Engagement ...

After getting engaged in Dec 2012,Brandy and
Ryan Press have called off their
engagement.According to her Rep "They are no longer together. The
engagement is off, but the friendship is still
on.They decided to take a step back and
reevaluate the relationship. Brandy is 35 now
—that's what her whole #35 on Twitter is
about, becoming her own woman." They were engaged for 1 year,5 months..I guess
the boy wasn't hers afterall...

Awww! Depressed Panda is given a TV screen & a swing to cheer it up (Photos)

Awww!Lol ..A panda who has grown depressed with
boredom and loneliness has been given a plasma
TV in order to cheer her up.Sijia is one of three
giant pandas which had to be rescued from the
Wolong National Natural Reserve when they were
left orphaned and abandoned in the devastating 2008 earthquake in Wenchuan, Sichuan province.
Mailonline reports ,Silja and her fellow panda
survivors were then sent to the Yunnan Wild
Animal Park, and this year the others were returned
successfully to the wild
She was also given a giant sized cuddly panda to help remove the feelings of loneliness, as well as a
swing just the right size for a panda looking to have
See more below 
So far, Yunnan Wild Animal Park say that the
distractions seem to be working, and in particular
the TV images of wild pandas going about their
lives have proven particularly successful in
distracting Sijia from her loneliness.
Zu spokesman De Liu said: ‘It is still early days yet, but we are cautiously
optimistic that we may have given her enough
to do to stop her getting more depressed.’

Faces of the Yahoo Boys Arrested in Lagos with Expensive Cars

Lagos and yahoo boys.. This is what you get in a
country where over 500,000 youths will apply for a
job in Immigration Service that is looking for just
4,000 men. How does the government expect
these youths to survive? Fraud of course! An early morning raid on two houses in the Lekki
area of Lagos on April 6, 2014, yielded the arrest
of seven suspects, all undergraduates studying
various courses in some of the nation’s tertiary
institutions. They were all arrested in two houses
at Lekki County Homes and Lekki Phase One in Lagos State following an intelligence report on their
alleged involvement in sundry internet scams…

Photos: Rihanna & Drake pictured all loved up at Coachella

Hopefully Rihanna really likes this dude and not
just messing with his heart...like before. The singer
supported her new boo as he made a surprise
appearance on stage at Coachella on Monday
night. Drake walked straight into Rihanna's arms after he
left the stage.

Tiwa Savage gorgeous in new photos

She's lost some weight and it really suits her.
Gorgeous woman!

APC’s body language, utterances promote insurgency, PDP Insists

Press statement from the PDP, blaming APC for
the terror in Nigeria. Find it below... The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has
reiterated calls on Nigerians to stand up and
resist unpatriotic elements whose actions and
utterances have continued to fuel insurgency
in the country. PDP National Publicity Secretary, Chief Olisa
Metuh in a statement on Tuesday said
inflammatory utterances by certain key
politicians against the emergence of President
Goodluck Jonathan, sparked off hatred
against the administration by their followers, while attracting impudent insurgents, who
 started demanding the ouster of the
President with threats to cripple the system
through acts of terrorism. “When the PDP, said that the All Progressive
Party, (APC) is responsible for the spate of
terror in Nigeria, many had an emotional
response, but it is now time to
dispassionately focus on the facts in order to
stop the carnage on innocent Nigerians. “Whilst we concede that insurgency existed in the
nation before the advent of the current
administration, we wish to point out that
inflammatory utterances from leaders, many of
whom by design or otherwise are now chieftains of
the APC have succeeded in emboldening them to launch large scale attacks , maiming and killing our
people, believing their actions enjoy the approval of
such leaders”, the statement said. The party observed that such utterances would
likely have prompted donations in support of
insurgency from followers of such leaders, who
thought they were sponsoring a worthy cause. It noted that these key figures never condemned
acts of terrorism and the killings until well-meaning
Nigerians started pointing accusing fingers at them.
“They rather blamed government for not reaching
out to pacify the terrorists instead of helping to
 find solutions. They relished in comments which  inspired violence and embolden insurgents against
the system” the statement said. The party insisted that it was not a coincidence
that after General Muhammadu Buhari beckoned
on his supporters to go on lynching spree should
he lose the 2011 presidential election, an
unprecedented violence broke out, claiming the
lives of  hundreds of innocent Nigeria. “Not satisfied with the enormity of the mayhem and
bloodletting of 2011, Buhari  on the 14th of May
2012 said, "If what happened in 2011 (alleged
rigging) should again happen in 2015, by the grace
of God, the dog and the baboon would all be
soaked in blood.’’ “Nigerians have not forgotten that former Vice
President Atiku Abubakar, in a spirited bid to stop
President Jonathan from contesting the 2011
election declared on the 14th of December 2010
that "those who make peaceful change impossible
make violent change inevitable" “Atiku’s statement was collaborated by one his
close associates, Alhaji Lawal Kaita, who in
October 2010, while rejecting the emergence of a
President from the South, also said, ‘the North is
determined, if it happens, to make the country
ungovernable for President Jonathan or any other Southerner who finds his way to the seat of
power…...Even if he uses incumbency power to
get his nomination on the platform of the PDP, he
would be frustrated out.’ “On the 23rd of January 2014, APC Deputy
National Secretary, Malam Nasir El-Rufai, said
 “The next election is likely to be violent and many
people are likely going to die. And the only
alternative left to get power is to take it by force;
this is the reality on ground. “Are we not now witnessing a foretaste of the
bloodbath promised by Buhari and El-Rufai? Is this
not the "violent change" promised by Atiku? How
many people have to die before Nigerians call a
spade a spade and not a farming implement? “We were not surprised when Rivers State
Governor, Rotimi Amaechi now a leader in the
APC, in inciting his followers recently said, ‘I came
to Bori to prove to you that you don’t need to run
away from violence. If a man is chasing you with
AK-47, you should carry machine gun and the man will call for peace.’ “We also recall recent statement by the Borno
state governor, Alhaji Kashim Shettima wherein he
posited that the insurgents were better armed and
better motivated than our security forces. This was
deliberately directed at weakening and undermining
the security forces while emboldening insurgents. No wonder that after Shettima’s statement,
insurgents were encouraged to launch more deadly
attacks on our security forces and staged a
comeback to the Federal Capital Territory. This is
in addition to statements by Governor Nyako of
Adamawa State who continually, ridicules the office and person of the President to portray the
administration as weak in fighting terrorism”, the
statement said. The party insisted that the reason the APC leaders
were promoting insurgency was not only to distract
the President and rubbish his score card but also
to unleash unprecedented mayhem, divide the
people and forcefully take over power when it loses
the 2015 general election. It said that its statement Monday which again
linked the Nyanya bombing to the utterances of the
opposition was a clear stand and a warning that the
PDP would henceforth  go beyond shedding tears
at each carnage, to exposing the enemies of the
nation, so as to limit all reckless statements which have been fueling insurgency. "It is easier to stop at shedding tears after each
carnage. This, the PDP has severally done. The
difficult part however, lies in attempting to limit
reckless statements which fuel violence. We
believe this will go a long way to stopping those
who instigate violence through utterances and shed crocodile tears thereafter” it said. The party vowed to continue to protect the welfare
and interest of Nigerians adding that the citizens
and the Federal Government will not succumb to
the designs of unpatriotic elements. “Indeed, the peace, unity and stability of this
country remain non-negotiable. They can bomb and
attack, but one thing is sure; they cannot kill the
Nigerian spirit in our people and our collective
resolve to live together as one nation under God. “The leadership of the PDP and the government we
formed shall not be cowed, intimidated, harassed
or tele-guided by acts of terrorism. The PDP is
willing, able and ready to sustain the unity and
stability of this country. We therefore call on all
Nigerians to stand up and collectively defend our common destiny by openly condemning acts of
terrorism and exposing those behind them”, the
statement said. 

Chief Olisa Metuh
National Publicity Secretary

Boko Haram kidnaps 103 girls from Secondary School in Borno

According to reports, suspected members of the
Islamist militant group, Boko Haram, have
abducted 103 students in a daring raid at the Girls
Secondary School in Chibok, a town on the border
between Borno and Adamawa States. The group’s assault on the all-female high school
took place on Monday night. A security source
disclosed that members of the extremist Islamist
group killed a soldier guarding the school and
inflicted injuries on several villagers before
abducting the students. The police commissioner in Borno State, Lawan
Tanko, confirmed the kidnapping of the students to
reporters in the state. A source who lives near the school told a
correspondent of SaharaReporters that there was
complete chaos during the attack, adding that the
students could put up no resistance to the heavily
armed attackers. The mass abduction lasted between 9PM -3 AM
as sect members made several trips picking and
choosing their victims out of the 250 students
enrolled in the school.

 Source:- saharaReporters 

Residents of the area also told Saharareporters
that the militants razed 100 homes because some
of the residents initially resisted the militants.

Oscar Pistorius sobs as he reads Valentine's card Reeva gave him on day he shot her

Oscar Pistorius sobbed on the witness stand today
while reading out a Valentine's Day card Reeva
gave him for Valentine day. She gave him the card
and a wrapped picture frame with photographs they
took on February 13 last year, hours before he shot
her.. As he sat in the witness box, his lawyer asked him
to read the words
Choking back tears, he said: 'Roses are red, violets are blue. I think today
is a good day to tell you that... I love you'. The envelope said 'Ozzie' with 'some hearts and a
squiggle', while the card was signed 'Reeves' with a
smiley face and three kisses.Initially, he said he
hadn't been able to open the card since her death.
He finally opened it on her birthday in August last
year.. The message was presented to the court in the
hope it will counter prosecution claims that they
were not in a loving relationship at the time of the
shooting. The prosecution is however giving him a hard
time,pushing him over the edge ..He says Oscar is
being fake,acting out the tears and can't claim he
went to attack intruders without making sure his
girlfriend was safe..
He also says the direction of the gun shots on the door shows Oscar aimed to kill her and since he
didn't kill her with the first shot on her leg, there
was no way she didn't scream and alert him she
was in the toilet..
A writer Janni Allan claims a reliable source said
Oscar took acting classes prior to commencement of his trial...

'I am the king of R&B in Nigeria' - Darey Art Alade declares

Award winning artiste Darey Art Alade said in a
recent interview with Encomium mag that he is the
king of RnB music in Nigeria and not Banky
W. When asked if he feels any competition
between himself and Banky W knowing that they
are both called Nigeria's king of RnB, Darey replied; "There is only one king of RnB. I have never
heard anybody being called king of RnB
except me. I have never heard anybody call
him (Banky W) king of RnB except if you
think he is one. But the truth is, there is only
one king, and you know who the king is. If you doubt it, my new material will settle the
scores. Although it has taken sometime, I am
very happy the work is coming out soon" he
told the magazine Darey also spoke on the increased rate of artiste/
management face off and revealed plans of
acquiring a radio station. Continue to read the
rest... On artiste/management face off, Darey said; "The truth of the matter is everybody has a
role to play and they have a portion of the
blame. The label invests something, I don't
want to say much. For every investment you
want to make a return. This is where the
artiste doesn't understand. In the beginning, they gave you a house, a car, and you think
you are talented, and come to think of it, you
don't even have anything in the market.
Whatever they gave you was based on
potential, the initial agreement that if I give
you this, you will give me that in return. Some artistes don't have agreement, everything is
sealed at a bar. As you drink, you signed
without realizing what you are signing. Some
of them are illiterates, some pretend to know
what the business is all about, but they don't.
Some of them get carried away by the glitz and glamour of it, signed without knowing
what the agreement stipulates. When they
default, they start blaming the label, saying all
sorts of things. But most of us don't find out
what was the agreement before going to the
press and write. On the other side, the label may have been obligated to do certain things
but they did not do it and the artiste will
complain. These are the issues" he said On how to resolve these issues, Darey said; "I think both sides should have respect for
agreement. There shouldn't be issues if both
sides respect agreement they made. For
instance, when I left Questionmark, nobody
heard that I fought anybody till tomorrow. Yes
we had disagreement, it wasn't a rosy ending but till date they are still my friends, we work
together. So maturity is needed to handle
such situation". Darey also spoke on his plans to own a radio
station "I will love to own a radio station. I have
already started making inquiries and plans on
that feasibility. I am a radio person, I have
worked on radio, and it was really fun. Since
then I felt it is good if I can achieve this by
running a radio station. After all, it will provide jobs for people, encourage creativity and
improve entertainment. I don't know the
format of the station yet but let me get the
license first" he said.

BREAKING NEWS: Popular Nigerian Musician Yinka Ayefele’s Mansion On Fire

The house of Nigerian gospel musician Yinka
Ayefele in the Felele area of Ibadan. The Oyo
State capital, is reportedly on fire. According to report, the fire started this morning
but there been concerted efforts to put it under
control. Though the cause of the fire could not be
ascertained, the talented singer who is on
wheelchair has said everything is under control
even as he assured fans that he is safe. Yinka is one of the most sought after gospel
artistes in the country. He was one of the major
entertainers at the elaborate dinner party held by
the First Lady, Patience Jonathan sometime in
August, 2013. He became a household name after he was
involved in a ghastly automobile accident in 1997,
which damaged his spinal cord and paralyzed him
from the waist down. With hit tracks like
“Experience,” “Transformation” etc, Ayefele’s
music is a staple diet at parties all across the country.

FOR REAL?? “I Am Quitting Makeup” – Anita Joseph Speaks [SEE PHOTOS]

Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph is one lady who
loves sharing her photos on social media and she
does this with an alarming frequency. The Anambra State born controversial actress who
loves uploading revealing and sexy pictures has
shown that without her heavy make-ups, her face
is not in a very good shape. She now has a different story to tell with her new
photos and has vowed to do away with the
bleaching chemicals because the give her pimples
and spoil her face. She also gave an explanation thus: Makeup gives me pimples, and I am thinking of
dropping completely. All the chemicals have
almost damaged my face with pimples and as a
result, I am planning to quit the
use of make-up completely. Ladies, Can make-up actually spoil someone’s
face? Compare her photo with and without make-up and
let us know what you think! p>

Nigeria's highest paid female musician, Omawumi moves into her Lekki home

Nigeria’s highest paid female
artiste, Omawumi Megbele has
completed and moved into her Lekki Mansion. In a quick chat with Encomium, the single mother
of one revealed that she spent over N100million on
the home, adding that she completed it all by
herself. The Delta State born singer who also recently
acquired a brand new 2012 ML 350 Mercedes
worth about N12.5million, further said “The industry
has been good
to me. If I must tell you the truth, apart from some
bad belle people, who are bent on bringing you down, there are people there to make you strong. I
have had opportunities of making good friends in
the industry.” The “If You Ask Me’ crooner now smiles to the
bank regularly, all in the name of her doggedness,
hard work and consistency in her career and
music” the magazine reports. See photo of the mansion while
undergoing construction below:

Checkout Actress Iyabo Ojo without makeup

Iyabo Ojo confidently shared her no makeup
look..As an added bonus, she didn't rock weaves..
Confident lady ..

Again...Monalisa Chinda and Lanre Nzeribe part ways

In an interview with Punch in February 2014,
Monalisa Chinda described her boyfriend of two
years as 'just a friend'. Some of us found it odd at
the time but what we didn't know was that the off/
on couple had parted ways...again. "Monalisa and Lanre? That ended
when...about two, three months ago. I doubt
they will reconcile this time." A source close
to the couple told LIB Monalisa not only walked away from the
relationship with Lanre, she also walked away from
the business venture they both started together,
Monalisa magazine, which made its debut in
November 2013.

Genevieve Nnaji Shares Her Thoughts On The Abuja Bomb Blast

Nollywood star Actress Genevieve Nnaji and some
of her colleagues have expressed sadness over
the bomb blast that occurred in Abuja on Monday,
April 14, 2014. Genevieve, Rita Dominic, Emem Isong, Omoni
Oboli and few others took to different social media
platforms to express their dissatisfaction at the
loss of lives in such a gruesome manner.
In Nnaji’s post on Instagram, she put up a picture
of a burning candle with the caption, ‘May the souls of our brothers and sisters..who had this
mornings gift of life taken from them without
mercy, rest with The Lord Almighty. Amen!’. Oboli wrote on her Twitter, ‘…another sad day for the country. May God rest the souls of the
departed. My heart goes out to their families
and friends.’ The sad incident, which occurred at the Nyanya
motor park in Abuja, has since become a trending
topic on the internet. According to Nigerian Tribune, a total of 71 have
been recorded dead and 124 injured.

Shisha Smoking Is More Harmful Than Cigarettes – French anti-tobacco agency

According to the French anti-tobacco agency
(OFT), a report from the French national laboratory
revealed that smoking shisha gives off as much
carbon monoxide as 15 to 52 cigarettes and as
much tar as 27 to 102 cigarettes. Bertrand Dautzenberg, OFT President said, “The
report confirms that smoking shisha is a major
source of air pollution in closed and covered areas. If comparing the data to regular cigarette smoke,
one shisha corresponds to an average of around
70 drags on a cigarette.” The tests were conducted by Laboratoire National
d’Essais (LNE) on three types of shisha: shisha
with self-lighting carbon used in small amounts,
self-lighting carbon used in large amounts, and
natural carbon shisha used in small volumes. The laboratory used the three parameters that are
measured when analysing smoke on a packet of
cigarettes: the amount of tar, nicotine, and carbon
monoxide. For 70 liters (16 gallons) of smoke produced by the
shisha, the small amount self lighting carbon tar
results were measured at 319 milligrams, 32 times
the legal European limit for a cigarette, while the
large amount self-lighting carbon measured at 266
milligrams, 27 times the cigarette limit, and the natural carbon measured at 1,023 milligrams, a
102 times more than a cigarette. Carbon monoxide measurements fared badly as
well, as tests indicated that the carbon
measurements from the three types of shisha
came to 17 times the normal cigarette limit, 15
times, and 52 times the limit. The self-lighting carbon in both large and small
amounts for nicotine
measured about one cigarette per shisha, while the
natural carbon was the nicotine equivalent of
smoking six cigarettes. France’s hookah-pipe bars pleaded to be spared
from a ban on smoking in cafes and restaurants
which comes into force on 1 January 2008.

MYSTERIOUS: Angry Bees kill 83-Yr-Old Woman In Imo

Shock and confusion reigned supreme in Nchoko
Amiri community, Oru East local council area of
Imo State, as an 83-year old woman, Madam
Nwanyiaro Orji, was reportedly stung to death by a
swarm of bees. It was gathered that the aged woman went to use
the convenience located at the back of the family
house when
suddenly people heard an unusual noise. A villager, who identified himself as Joe, told
Vanguard that they thought the noise came from a
bunch of ripe bread fruit tree at the backyard,
pointing out that they never knew it
was the beehive on top of the bread fruit tree. He said: “The angry bees, which home had been
dislodged, started stinging everybody within the
vicinity, including the aged woman’s step-son, who
was in the kitchen at the time.” It was further gathered that as the bees were
having a field day on his step-mother, the young
man made a spirited attempt to pull her away from
the scene. He added: “This did not work as the aged woman
was not agile enough to scamper into safety with
her step-son. The boy hurriedly left the scene. Some youths later organized themselves, bought
some cans of insecticide, wrapped themselves
properly and went after the bees. Joe said: “After winning the battle
against the bees, the young men rescued the old
woman and quickly rushed her to a nearby private
hospital, where the
medical team did everything possible to save her
life. The woman died the next day.”

Monday, 14 April 2014

'Queen of Vagina 'comes to Afrocandy's aid:Donates $1000

If you haven't heard of Queen of Vagina, then you
just have.She is a musician who claims Dbanj
stole her style of music to become famous...Now, she has come out to lend her voice to Afrocandy's plight..She
donated $1000 which Afrocandy confirmed she

 "There are still pep who make Promises &
keep them Pls help me Thank my Gurl Majela
aka @QueenOfVagina1 I got the $1000 God
bless U my sister"
She also thanked Derenle Also help me Thank my brother @DENRELE_EDUN he doesn't want the
amount open he represented...God bless you
my brother. Thank you! Nice....See more of her photos below

"White Widow''Samantha Lewthwaite behind the Abuja Bombing-Dailystar claims..

Since the gruesome bomb blast today which left
over 71 dead & over 200 injured,no group has
claimed responsibility. However, Dailystar claims
the 'White Widow'Samantha  Lewthwaite is behind
the attack in revenge for the death of al-Shabaab
terror chief Makaburi, aka Sheikh Abubakar Shariff Ahmed - Lewthwaite's MENTOR - just two weeks
ago.According to their report..... Lewthwaite, the infamous widow of 7/7
bomber Germaine Lindsay, is on the run in
Africa with three children.The daughter of a
British Army soldier, she is already on
Interpol's Most Wanted list in connection with
SEVEN murders as well as the siege of the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya in
September last year which left 67 dead and
nearly 200 injured. She was known to be 'extremely close' to
Makaburi, who coordinated the Westgate atrocity.
A senior security source said agents across Africa
were on high alert after the assassination of
Makaburi - reportedly by the UK and US funded
Kenyan Anti-Terror Police Unit (ATPU) 14 days ago. The source said: "Makaburi was always believed to be at the
very top of the hierarchy of terror organisation
al-Shabaab.Intelligence suggests he
introduced Samantha Lewthwaite to many
influential figures within the al-Shabaab
network. He guided her on her path to Jihad.His murder was seen as yet another act
of war."The source added that Lewthwaite and
her associates "wanted revenge". Lewthwaite, 30, is believed to be in Nigeria,
Kenya or Somalia, where Islamist terror
networks are closely linked, making it far
easier for her to evade detection than in
Europe. The world's most wanted woman was
reportedly caught at a checkpoint in Nigeria
just six months ago - but managed to bribe
her way to freedom. It is thought she commands enormous loyalty
and power as a white convert, female jihadist,
having proved her worth in previous attacks. As both a mother and widow of a 7/7 bomber, she
also provides the groups with invaluable
The White Widow, who has been on the run since
January 2012, got her grim nickname after husband
Germaine Lindsay blew up a London Tube train in the 7/7 bombings in 2005. Fifty six people were
killed and more than 700 injured.Interpol has issued
a rare 'Red Notice' for the White Widow's arrest. Lewthwaite, from Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, is
believed to have widely used the alias ‘Natalie
Webb’ and travelled on a forged South African
passport. She is now officially being hunted by 190
countries and is one of the most wanted
international fugitives in the world. Police seized her laptop in 2011 and found detailed
plans of how to build bombs and evidence she was
planning multiple terrorist attacks both in Africa and
the West.She has also been linked to grenade
attacks at non-Muslim places of worship in Africa
and a terrorist attack on western football fans watching Euro 2012 in the Jericho bar in Mombasa. Head of Interpol Ronald Noble said: 

"There is a global ‘tripwire’ for this fugitive.All
190 member countries are aware of the
danger posed by this woman, not just across
the region but also worldwide."

PDP blames APC for Nyanya bomb attack, releases statement

And now we are playing blame games. In
statement signed this afternoon by PDP National
Publicity Secretary, Chief Olisa Metuh, the party
condemned today's Nyanya bombing describing it
as barbaric and extremely wicked and maintaining
that it was politically motivated. They called APC out! So wait, politicians are playing games with
people's lives? Read statement below... "The PDP weeps. We are indeed grief-
stricken. Our hearts go out to the bereaved,
especially those who have been orphaned and
widowed and those now deprived of their
bread winners by this evil act. We share in
their pain, their anguish and their loss and pray that those behind their grief must not
escape justice,” the party said. “We stand by our earlier statements that
these attacks on our people are politically
motivated by unpatriotic persons, especially
those in the APC, who have been making
utterances and comments, promoting violence
and blood-letting as a means of achieving political control." Continue... “Nigerians are also aware of utterances by
certain APC governors which have been
aimed at undermining our security forces and
emboldening insurgents against the people. “Those who have been promoting violence
through their utterances can now see the
monster they have created. They can now
see the end product of their comments; a
country flowing daily with the blood of the
innocent. The question is; how do they feel when they
see the mangled and blood-soaked bodies of
their victims? How do they feel when they
hear the voices of the dying and the injured? “Of course they feel nothing. Their hearts
have been hardened and they are embittered
by the fact that they have been rejected by
the people. They are bitter because the
people have chosen to rally round the
government they love and voted for; but must they chose the path of violence and
bloodletting as a response to the wishes and
aspiration of the people. Urging all well meaning Nigerians to stand up
and join President Goodluck Jonathan in his
untiring efforts to check terrorism in the
country, the PDP caution those fueling the
attacks to retrace their steps, rid themselves
of bitterness and desperation and seek forgiveness from God. The party, in solidarity with the people also
shelved all official engagements while praying
God to grant the bereaved the fortitude to bear
the loss.